One of our two main topics identified in our brainstorm was Education. The following subtopics were identified as the most important. We will have subpages for each of these groups to archive resources you find on strategies and best practices in each area:

- how to maintain study / life balance

   -study / life balance [SO]

     - how to get the most out of a university education? [SO]

- how to choose program(s)?

    - why major in X? [SO]

    - what are the transferable skills?  [SO]

- how to understand education in career context

  -  what are the job prospects for different programs? [SO]

    - 21st C Job Skills [SO]

-how to understand the employment potential & prospects supported by programs?

  - what can I do with X degree? [SO]

-grades (achieve / maintain)

  - study habits [SO]

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