Study Habits



Pry.Harry (March, 1962). "Teaching effective study habits in the senior high school". NA S SP Bulletin. 46(272) p.147-152.



The article discusses the main points the teacher should keep in mind as they assist the students in improving their study habits.The author also mentions different techniques the students can adopt to produce good results in different subjects:

 -Business studies- stress on problem solving.

 -Physical and Life sciences- study beforehand, focus on sample problems in the text.

 -Social studies and Foreign language- enhance memorization skill, review the lessons regularly.

 -Mathematics- solve problems with the teacher, ask questions

 -English- take notes, develop reading and communication skills.



Harry Pry has used a very logical approach to tackle different problems that students face in different fields of study and has also devised a set of effective study habits for the students.