Here two online resources outlining what is required in an annotated bibliography entry. The Cornell resource is very good as it walks you through the critical process used & APA & MLA citation styles:

The Owl Purdue resource is useful as it outlines how to do the citation in different styles in MLA, APA, & Chicago. Note that you don't need to do a THREE paragraph annotation. The key points you want to record are: what is the main argument of the article? What is the VALUE for your research inquiry?

Along with the standard citation information (author, title, publisher/url. date) what we need are two things:

  1. A short summary of the main topic or argument of the article.
  2. A short statement as to what YOU see as the main value of the article in terms of the insight(s), strategies or best practices outlined in the article. Think of this in terms of summarizing the main value take-away: if you want to know one key thing, what is it?