CCR199 Final Assignment, Class Project


Pelletier, E. J., Laska N. M., "Balancing Healthy Meals and Busy Lives: Associations between Work, School , and Family Responsibilities and Perceived Time Constraints among Young Adults."  2012 (Accessed: November 23 2015).

Within this research article the author discusses how healthy dietary choices are heavily impacted by the amount of time you have and other constraints, (such as socioeconomic status, relationship involvement and living standards). The article focuses on young adults who are in a community college or a public university.  Due to the topic studied in this article I believe that the information will be extremely helpful in my investigation since I am interested in how young adults are able to balance their school, work and social life. During my research I focused on how students balance their social and work life however, the importance of eating wisely and not just for convenience is also very important in terms of one’s health, one’s overall mood and the longevity of their life.


“Environmental Management Degree” (Accessed: December November 30 2015).

The webpage in general discusses the the field of environmental science in great detail.  However, this article in particular section it clarifies what exactly is an environmental management degree, masters, PhD and careers that you can pursue in after you graduate.  An environmental management degree is said to be a broad degree, which in turn brings a variety of career options.  After analyzing the article, I believe that it is worth reading because not only does it proposes various career opportunities that you can pursue after you graduate, but it provides information about this field so you also can decide if you want to truly spend your hard work, time and money going into this career path.  However, the only thing that is not useful is at the end of this article the author provides possible programs but only in the USA and not anywhere else; this however could be useful for those wanting to study in the USA.


“Communication, Culture and Information Technology” University of Toronto Mississauga (Accessed: December 5 2015)

For this citation I made use of the University of Toronto website and discovered the unique experience you can have while completing your university degree and during your future career.  This article touches upon the subjects of what CCIT is, the options of different programs and specializations you can take, the hands on experience, what courses you will have the chance to enroll in when in university, and the kinds of career paths you will be able to have.  Personally, I found this informative because as a student who does not know what exactly they want to do in terms of a career, its helpful to go into a major that is not so focused and is more broad. 


“Motivation: Lost or Just Misplaced” Counseling and Psychological Services: Brown University (Accessed: December 5 2015)

The author of this article was an anonymous by a therapist from Brown university who examined that motivation isn’t lost but misplaced in a sense that what you are doing isn’t emotionally satisfying.  I decided to in this citation for this class project because I feel that a lot of people do the field of education that they are in just to satisfy other people around them, such as their parents for example.  Although this article brings light to the importance of accepting yourself and doing things that bring you self satisfaction.  While being focused on how to make it through university its important to reflect on yourself, your life and where you are going to ensure that what you are getting educated on is actually what you want in the next 10 or 50 years.


“Career Fairs, Networking & Recruitment” Career Centre University of Toronto (Accessed December 6 2015)

Within webpage the University of Toronto provides detailed tips on how to start meeting new people and networking, including adding hyperlinks to create your own LinkedIn account and how to participate in events.  What is also really useful is that the university provides a link to a current calendar for upcoming fairs and panels for you to put the advice they give to practice.  The pieces of advice the website provides are simple enough that it does not intimidate first years from trying it out, but also every useful for anyone who is trying to promote themselves.   


“Skills for Real Life” University of Toronto (Accessed December 6 2015)

This webpage pertains more so for those in their senior year of university, however it doesn’t hurt to get started thinking about these thing early.  Some important points that this website discusses that people often hear about in their first year but don’t take too seriously yet are public speaking, writing skills, computer skills, workplace etiquette, teamwork, money management, interviewing and time management.  These skills are very important to be successful in your career, however this webpage is not that informative because they do not go into much detail about each of the topic areas, as most of the paragraph under each is about 50 – 150 words.


Cottrell, Randall and Joanna Hayden. 2007. "The Why, when, what, Where, and how of Graduate School." Health Promotion Practice 8 (1): 16-21.(Accessed December 7 2015) doi:10.1177/1524839906295943.

The main purpose of this article is to inform people, especially those fresh out of undergrad, about the why, when, what, where and how of graduate school.  The authors describe going to grade as getting a career enhancement in your particular field, as it can be required for some career position such as in the higher positions in management.  Depending on how much hands on experience you have, it is suggested that you should be spending time in your workforce before going to graduate school within this article.  This is advised because with a graduate degree and work experience you are more likely to stand out from the crowd. In the future when thinking about going back to graduate school this article can help you figure out if it’s the right choice for you. Therefore, I believe this is a very useful article for those who are indecisive about going to grad school.


Bateman, Thomas S. and Bruce Barry. 2012. "Masters of the Long Haul: Pursuing long‐term Work Goals." Journal of Organizational Behavior 33 (7): 984-1006. (Accessed December 7 2015) doi:10.1002/job.1778.

This journal article investigates how individuals pursue very long goal in terms of long-term thinking, self regulation and time horizons.  The author states how many individuals in today’s economy know they should be looking long tem, however they choose to still look short-term. This article goes into great detail about factors that affect our long term thinking, these factors include time and work motivation, empirical strategy, establishing a goal-setting theory and motivation theory.  The paper concludes with providing limitations to their approach which include motivation being considered as both long and short term and psychological possibilities that can occur.  Overall, I believe this paper is an excellent addition to further my research as it provided me with a model and a new way to look at how I can use the other information I have learned to reach my larger goal in the end.