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A class wiki for CCR199 University of Toronto for sharing strategies, best practices, and resources on getting the most out of your university education and for entering and sustaining a successful professional career.

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Each participant will research in two subtopic areas for each main topic, Education & Profession/Employment.

Students will individually create a page [top right 'Contribute' tab - 'add a page'] for the most valuable resources you find. You can use a pseudonym as this is a public wiki. You will each upload a total of 8 entries. Choose 2 subtopics from Education and 2 subtopics from Profession / Employment and upload annotated bibliography entries for the two most useful articles or resources in each area.

That means that each student will archive a total of 8 annotated bibliographic entries in a single page for each student. You can include images, charts, urls, and other material that you find helpful

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