FANDOM (Networking)



     <p> Young Entrepreneur Council. "How to Network the Right Way: Eight Tips." July 28, 2014. (Accessed November 28, 2015.)</p> <p>The main topic of this article is teaching others about networking. This article gives specific steps and explains what one should do to network for their future career. These steps are: 1. Believe in the power of networking. 2.Have a Plan. 3. Forget your Personal Agenda. 4. Never Dismiss Anyone as Unimportant. 5. Connect the Dots. 6. Figure out how you can be useful, 2. Follow up and follow through, 8. Believe in the power of networking.</p>                                

<p>This article is important because networking has now become a significant way in finding employment. This article will provide me with information that will be very useful for me in the future when I am looking for a job in my career.</p>


</text> (Education) (Maintaining Grades)

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