Annotated Bibliography

Andrews, Dan. "Well-Rounded Success." Well-Rounded Success. Accessed December 7, 2015.

This website models around how to live a healthy lifestyle by portraying essentials that contribute to success. This includes things such as relationships, careers, soul, community and sleep. Dan describes that every new day is a chance to improve your lifestyle by adjusting a balance between all of the essentials

This is significant because the advice he gives covers categories that many other sources do not use such as community and soul. Doing things like giving back to the community with volunteer work and respecting the environment can go a long way in a persons lifestyle in order for people to appreciate and value what they have.

"Choosing a post-secondary program." Services for Youth. Last modified May 22, 2014. Accessed December 7, 2015.

This website covers some of the basic, general, but essential tips to choosing and finding the right program or field of study to enter. It covers topics such as gaining transferable skills, internships and co-operative education programs that can go a long way to aiding a persons interest in a program.

This is significant because it outlines in a very organized manner all the different approaches to finding the right program through methods like co-op programs and apprenticeship. This way, people are not only locked into choosing a program through what they think they could possibly have interest in.

Corriea, Alexa Ray. "How to achieve long term goals by changing how we think about short ones." Polygon. Last modified April 23, 2014. Accessed December 7, 2015.

The author, Alexa in this article describes how to achieve long term goals efficiently by being able to make changes in the present to work towards the future. She describes how long term goals should not be treated like they are a long way away. This way, you are constantly working your hardest towards the future.

I found this significant because it outlined a different perspective on how to look at long-term goals. Being able to change your work ethic or lifestyle the very moment you decide on a long-term goal seems to be a reliable way to consistently achieve them. 

Dooley, Eileen. "How to land the job you want." Canadian Living. Accessed December 7, 2015.

This article answers a lot of the common questions people ponder when they attempt at landing the job they seek. From interviews to the most common mistakes people make, the article answers them. 

I found this article quite significant because instead of just listing ideas in front of me, it portrayed the different common questions people ask when trying to get into a job and answers them. This way, the readers get the information that they are actually looking for, instead of facts on a webpage that they would then have to convert into answers to their own questions.

Miller, Erin. "How do I choose the right program for me?" Maclean's. Last modified May 22, 2007. Accessed December 7, 2015.

This article was styled similarly to an interview-like read where the author put forward questions that were answered for people on choosing the right program. Some of these questions include "What if I don't know what I want to do, but want to go to University" and "How can a student find out if a program is actually good?" These questions were then answered by the author, Erin Miller who puts into great depth an answer to all these questions.

I found this article useful because it answered the most important questions by the peers as that is the main goal of the article. Instead of just posting ideas of what the author thinks is most important, instead Erin Miller is answering what the students want to know, which essentially is the main goal. I also found some of the questions quite useful as it outlined in depth and from different views.

Reyes, Victor. "The Wheel of Wellness." U H W & L C Unique Health Wellness & Lifestyle Concepts. Accessed December 7, 2015.

This website uses a large image of a wheel that portrays the different essentials to a healthy lifestyle. The wheel covers a wide span of different essentials including: environmental, finance, occupational, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual. The author also goes into depth of what a non-healthy living lifestyle is showing a while with large areas in finance and social. Meaning that people need to avoid thinking about social relations with friends and finance and put some more time into the other categories.

I found this significant because it covered many different categories not seen in other sources. But what I found the most interesting was that they included a section for what is not a healthy lifestyle where they portrayed finance and social being massive blobs on the wheel and that we need to pay more attention to allocating some of that time to everything else.  

Scivicque, Chrissy. "Seven Steps to Break Into a New Career With No Experience." U.S. News & World Report. Last modified September 27, 2012. Accessed December 7, 2015.

This website covers seven steps to getting into your career of choice. These seven steps include: being willing to start over, getting an education,  volunteering, being realistic, connections, a good cover letter and giving it time. These seven steps are portrayed to have the largest impact, especially by using non-traditional methods like having connections from friends and family to land a job.

I found this significant because I found that using non-traditional methods to be impactful when seeking jobs. People are more than likely to get their career of choice when they have friends and family who are able to give them a head-start, which ultimately leads to saving time and possibly earning more money.  

Tracy, Brian. "Strategic Planning Process: How to Achieve Long Term Goals." Brian Tracy International. Last modified 2013. Accessed December 7, 2015.

This website talks about how people need to stake short-term steps in order to achieve long-term goals. Although this article is more focussed on achieving long-term goals in business it still has relevance to any goal someone is trying to achieve. The author, Brian, covers three different headers including: how to set goals for success, developing a sense of direction through planning and constantly thinking of the future.

I found this article significant because it shows how long-term goals, no matter what they are for should be followed through with a similar mindset. Even though this article was related to business, it still talked about how constantly thinking of the future and working through short-term goals will ultimately help achieve what you seek in the future.