<p> <l> Lakehead University’s Undergraduate Recruitment. “How to Choose Your Major.” In Edited by the Lakehead University’s Undergraduate Recruitment. Lakehead, ON: Universities Canada, 2015. (Accessed on November 23, 2015. Web.)  </l> </p>

<p> <l> This article outlines the important steps that high school and university students need to be aware of when choosing their major for school. It starts off by encouraging the readers that it’s okay if they do not know the exact area or field they are interested in pursuing, and it allows these students some peace of mind because they know they are not the only ones going through this stressful decision making process. The article also mentions that it’s okay to change your original intended major, saying that “the average student across North America will change their program three times and then change careers several times during their lives.” </l> </p>

<p> <l> This website offers useful tips and suggestions for an individual who is in the beginning stages of choosing a major. The Lakehead University’s Undergraduate Recruitment office suggests that finding something you are interested in and passionate about is the first step, then from there you find courses and electives that interest you in that particular field. It also outlines the importance of which type of degree you apply for, because not everyone is going for the same thing as you are. And finally, this article states that deciding a major does not necessarily dictate your profession – a degree in Sociology for example opens your options to many different job opportunities and field of study. Being a first year student who is still struggling to find myself and my passion, this website offered useful suggestions and tips, while encouraging myself to find something I love to do and pursue it to the best of my abilities. </l> </p>